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Art on the Rocks: Marquette Michigan: 2011

| 01 August, 2011 13:18

Martin and I just returned from doing Art on the Rocks in Marquette, Michigan. Marquette is a beautiful town on Lake Superior in the UP. We love the area and look forward to spending time there.


Staff were very helpful and load-in and load-out were very easy. You can park and load/unload right next to your booth! There was also artist parking nearby. The show is now held in Mattison Lower Harbor Park, very close to the downtown.


Saturday was hot, hot, hot which kept the crowds down. I knew someone doing the Outback Art Fair (further out at Picnic Rock) and they said that a lot of people told her that they left the Art on the Rocks because the heat was just too much.


There was the threat of serious weather set to come in about 5pm so everyone started closing up around 4.30pm.


The Saturday crowd seemed more focussed on the art than the Sunday crowd, which seemed more like a family outing day.


Overall there seemed to be a good mix of artists and I was impressed by a lot of the work.


How did we do? Well we did win an award for our hand-painted black and white photographs:-) However, we didn't sell as much as we hoped. Our neighbor who does surreal oil paintings did very well selling reproductions of his work. A couple other photographers came to our booth and said they didn't do very well.


I really love being a part of this fair, and would like to return next year.